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Season Long Rentals

Seasonal Ski and Snowboard Lease 

Item Price
  2022-2023 Seasonal Ski Lease $309.00
  2022-2023 Seasonal Snowboard Lease $309.00

Wild Mountain's Seasonal Ski and Snowboard Lease program gives people the opportunity to use gear for an entire season without returning after each use.

This program is perfect for kids who are growing, which allows them to get updated gear and sizes each year. We are happy to exchange equipment sizes throughout the season if it's outgrown. The lease program is also great for adults getting into the sport who want to rent gear before purchasing their own.

Choose either a ski package or snowboard package for a rental fee of $159, plus a returnable deposit of $150. While our leased gear has been previously enjoyed, we do strive to deliver the most gently used equipment in our fleet.

Quantities are limited.

Seasonal Equipment Lease Agreement

Leased equipment rentals are non-refundable & non-transferable. Equipment may be used by only the individual listed on the rental agreement. Renters must be present to ensure proper fit of equipment. Children age 17 and under need a parent/guardian to be present to sign the rental agreement and to receive the equipment.

Wild Mountain's seasonal leased equipment is not to be used in our terrain parks, as this will cause excessive damage to the equipment. Excessive equipment damage will decrease the amount of your deposit refund.

EQUIPMENT PICK-UP: Equipment can be picked up during normal Rental Shop hours beginning in the Fall. Upon arrival, please present your order number at the ticket counter to receive the necessary rental paperwork. For pre-season pick-ups, please call our office to ensure we have a Certified Rental Technician on site.

EQUIPMENT RETURN: All equipment must be returned by the first Friday in April. We are sorry, but our leased gear is not for sale. All items must be returned to the resort. Returns and/or exchanges can be accommodated during normal Rental Shop hours. For post-season returns, please call ahead to verify our office hours. Deposits will be issued by check via mail, usually within two weeks of return.

EQUIPMENT EXCHANGE POLICY: Throughout the season, ski equipment can be exchanged for alternate sized ski equipment, and snowboard equipment can be exchanged for alternate sized snowboard equipment, free of charge, if the renter outgrows it or advances in abilities. A new rental form may be needed to complete exchanges. Please check with the Rental Shop to begin the exchange process. We will make every effort to issue equivalent equipment, but all equipment is subject to availability. Changing from one discipline to another (e.g. snowboard to ski) is not included as part of this exchange policy. To change disciplines, a new rental purchase is required.

Equipment Rental and Liability Agreement

A signed Equipment Rental and Liability Agreement is required for each renter, and is part of the equipment set-up/pick-up process.

Minors will need a parent/guardian present to sign agreement and receive equipment.